1. The Penn College judges assistant (ID’d by name tag) will have your event papers – in order by teams. When there is an opening at any event station contact that person who will be inside roped area – give your name and team and wait for permission to enter.

2. There is to be only one contestant inside roped off areas per event at one time. All others are to wait their turn outside roped areas. Upon completion of event exit roped area and proceed to next event via the outside of roped area.

3. You are to see one of the safety instructors upon entering roped area for instructions concerning machine controls, RPM settings and other safety items as deemed necessary for type of machine. The judge’s assistant will direct you to the proper person. All safety instructors will be wearing hard hats.

4. You are to wear hard hat while participating in contest.(one will be provided if you do not have one).

5. Do not begin until you receive signal from judge.

6. A CLOSED FIST signal by any person inside roped area means to stop machines movement immediately.

7. You are to RAISE YOUR HANDS OFF CONTROLS before any of working crew-members will make adjustments to rodeo items.

8. All decisions by judges are final.

9. By reading and signing each of the individual event rules and procedures you are acknowledging understanding before entering contest. You are expected to ask questions about any event you do not understand before proceeding.

10. Any actions deemed unsafe by judges will result in immediate disqualification.

11. These contests will start at 1 PM and it is your responsibility to be available at all times to complete events within this time frame. (provide phone # contact please.)

12. Please treat all judges and helpers with respect. All are volunteers and we appreciate their willingness to help.