Rubber Tired Backhoe Golf Ball Drop Contest

A rubber tired backhoe will be used for this event. The objective of this Event is to pick a golf ball up from the sand with a tablespoon that is taped to a bucket tooth and then boom out and place the ball, into a Styrofoam cup in the top of the 4” pipe, without dropping it on the ground. The backhoe will be placed on its stabilizers with a 6’ x 6’ x 12” box of sand placed in front of it. A 4” piece of pipe is placed at a distance and to the side of the machine. It will be timed from the moment the particpant starts to move the bucket until the ball is in the cup. If the ball strikes the ground, or is discharged from the box of sand, the operator will be automatically disqualified. There will be a 2 minute maximum time limit. There is one golf ball per contestant.


1. If the bucket comes in contact with the pipe there will be 20 seconds added to the total time for each time it occurs.